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Re:Framed Re:Mixed: Solutions to Student Blogging Issues

This is a blog post by my friend and co-worker Sean Ziebarth. It is my first Reblog EVER but it’s so closely tied to my blog that I felt it needed a place on my blog as well. Sean said it was cool, so here it is my first Reblog ever.

One more note: the concept of Re:Framing does NOT have to do with a picture frame, it has to do with a pair of glasses, like mine. So students are not Framing AROUND a topic they are gazing at a topic through THEIR eyes and then approaching it as THEY see fit.


[cc image by flikr user: web4camguy ]

I’ve been blogging in one form or another since 2001. I started my first blog as a place to publish playlists for my weekly radio show on KUCI. A few years later I started a music blog called with a few college buddies. We were one of the first music blogs and for a while we were regularly reaching 80K readers a month.

So once I started teaching, it was only natural for me to use this technology in the classroom. Two years ago, before I had read or researched anything about 20% Time Projects, my senior English classes were using blogs as a way to demonstrate their learning in their classroom, and their DIY or Do It Yourself learning. (I gave them time to study and learn whatever they wanted; they just had to track it on their blogs.) This…

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