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Here is my, how-to blog with students, post w/ step-by-step directions

Linda Yollis: Trust me just click on the link- Tons of info there: how to blog @ the elementary level; how to run a classroom blog; Teaching commenting skills; educational blogging wiki, and a LiveBinder link.

William Chamberlain: Start with his Comments4Kids site– it’s FULL of blogging info, tips and ideas. Then follow William Chamberlain on Twitter and enjoy the learning. PLEASE fill out his WHY STUDENTS SHOULD BLOG Google Form. William is awesome, help him out.

David Theriault (Me): Here is the article that explains the RE:Framed Blogging Project . Here is the Pinterest Board for my  current student blogs and here is an example of how my students share their blogs in class.  Use #cloudwriting on Social Media whenever you or your students share their blogs. Thanks.

Sean Ziebarth: Here is Sean’s response to my RE:Framed Blogging Project article

Kristen Wideen is another amazing source for student blogging: in particular the primary grades. Check out her blogging community project and her blogging community spreadsheet.

IF you blog w/ your students especially in subjects besides ELA please fill out the blogging survey . Click to see the results of the blogging survey which will show you who is blogging in your area, with what subjects and samples. Two GTA teachers interviewed me about student blogs. Feel free to share this wherever:

Here are blogs I need to share from our RE:Framed Project:


2015-2016 Writers from California

What Is The Name Of Your Blog? What is the url of your blog? What is your blog about? What period are you in?
ESportsNE Gaming Period 2 Honors
strangelifeoflil My Life Period 2 Honors
When In Doubt Egypt, and how people do not embrace their nationalities. Period 2 Honors
EsportsNE Gaming for CSGO and League of Legens Period 2 Honors
Athletic Scholars Sports Period 2 Honors
50 Free My blog is about how to do better in high school with topics such as academics, social life, sports, clubs, and more. Period 2 Honors
A Diary of a Foodie Food and Travel Adventures Period 2 Honors
swaggalicous Food and places I eat Period 2 Honors
Art and Boba our blog is about life in general and evolves around high schoolers, creativity of one’s mind, anime, our inspirations, and more Period 2 Honors
Art and Boba Our blog is about general life and lessons, inspirations that we find and want to share, anime, and creativity and artwork. Period 2 Honors
Art and Boba Our blog is about general life and lessons, inspirations that we find and want to share, anime, and creativity and artwork. Period 2 Honors
The Socialist Archives Ehh I don’t know really, just a forum of thoughts and ideas and stories and stuff… Period 2 Honors
When In Doubt Everyday life and thoughts, interests, and sometimes concerns. Period 2 Honors
Jump Start the Moon Our interests and anything we enjoy talking about Period 2 Honors
Jump Start the Moon Our thoughts and interests everyday Period 2 Honors
Athletic Scholars Sports Period 2 Honors
Getting through Grief Grief and ways to deal with it. Period 2 Honors
Athletic Scholars Sports/School Period 2 Honors
The grey lines It is my page to talk and express my ideas about things Period 2 Honors
The Grey Lines A collection of ideas to express our views. Period 2 Honors
byoungatheart How grades won’t be the death of me Period 2 Honors
Supasanity Everything about Basketball and sometimes includes things that we think are cool and that people reading our blog would like to know about. Period 2 Honors
Jump Start the Moon I write about what I want when what I want is what I write. So, anything on my mind. Period 2 Honors
don’t worry, be happy It is about making people have more self confidence in themselves and boosting self esteem to make them want to not be afraid to show themselves to the real world instead of showing people not the real you, but also about making people happy and bright when they are down and glum and that there is always a bright light when you are in dark times. Period 2 Honors
Extraordinarily Living Life, travel, morals Period 2 Honors
pink chrysanthemums It’s about making other people happy and helping them improve their life with small pieces of advice. Period 2 Honors
littlehannahblog Life & Tips Period 2 Honors
50 Free our blog is a general blog where we talk about whatever is going on in our lives Period 2 Honors
lilchristine snippets of my day Period 2 Honors
Life and a Side of Fries food, recipes, and food experiences Period 2 Honors
PureStills Photography/My life Period 2 Honors
storyofme7 My blog is mostly about sharing my own personal experiences and perspectives. It’ll be like a reflection journal. Period 2 Honors
Hang-ing In There Tips and motivation to live life. Period 2 Honors
Life and a Side of Fries The life of two people who like food Period 2 Honors
littlehannahblog Life & Tips Period 2 Honors
littlehannahblog Life & Tips Period 2 Honors
Life and a Side of Fries The life of two people who like food Period 2 Honors
alildoseofhappy Health and wellness Period 2 Honors
Blog with a Dog whatever Period 3 CP3
argaeghoeg Surviving Life Period 3 CP3
MonsterMovieHunter Our blog is about giving our readers instering monster movie to shose from Period 3 CP3
MonsterMovieHunter Monster movie reviews Period 3 CP3
Feel Amahle About my experiences Period 3 CP3
ramblrsvoice The blog is just going to be me giving my insight on things that I, or any of my readers find interesting. Period 3 CP3
MustangUnlimited Mustangs Period 3 CP3
skyrine My blog is about me talking about the things i like. This includes tennis, piano, music, anime, and kdramas. But this is just mainly a way of how i can connect to other people and talk about the things i love to do in my free time. Period 3 CP3
Music897 music Period 3 CP3
Genre Bending Music Period 3 CP3
offthelipsite Action sports Period 3 CP3
ragdasurf surf Period 3 CP3
OFFTHELIPSITE Action Sports Period 3 CP3
Sara’s Softballs Tricks Softball and family Period 3 CP3
fiveminutesofme my blog is baout me and what my hobbies are and what i like. Period 3 CP3
Be Positive Being positive and not letting the bad things coming in the way Period 3 CP3
esraeel questions Period 3 CP3
How to Be the Difference The difference you can make in the world by spreading love. Period 3 CP3
formyenglishclass my stories in general Period 3 CP3
The Back of My Mind This blog is about all the random things this could be facts,things i experienced or mood lifting stories. Period 3 CP3
Let’s Be Weird My blog is about being comfortable in your own skin. Period 3 CP3
ThinkingGreater Current events and or topics that I will put more insight and thought into. Or anything that pisses me off. Period 3 CP3
liveartsite art Period 3 CP3
spittingfireblog computers Period 3 CP3
unknown shinobi Naruto Period 3 CP3
Liveart Art Period 3 CP3
photosandscripts It is about my life and the stories in my pictures. Period 3 CP3
Life As Katie my life and my opinions on things Period 3 CP3
kenny&ryan1+2=3 math Period 3 CP3
liveartsite art Period 3 CP3
The Art of Addition How to add…safely Period 3 CP3
thetiredblog The different things that are happening in each of the admins’ lives and our thoughts and opinions on them Period 3 CP3
Our Way of Life Key Club Period 3 CP3
Debate Page Refugee Crisis Period 3 CP3
glove and bat baseball Period 3 CP3
Just My Two Cents My opinions about certain subjects Period 3 CP3
corner of my mind Things that are on my mind Period 4 CP3
Truthful Bliss Not entirely sure yet. Period 4 CP3
presentshowexpress my ideas, things i want to talk about Period 4 CP3
Marsupials Interesting things in life Period 4 CP3
timmydau64blog My perspective and thoughts on various topics Period 4 CP3
ALittleBodyofThought anything Period 4 CP3
newlogicblog thoughts of a young person Period 4 CP3
thedaydreamersgarden anything i want:) Period 4 CP3
jottingthoughtswithjohn My thoughts Period 4 CP3
inspiring-mindswithnate life Period 4 CP3
Swimming Into Space anything Period 4 CP3
inquisitiveuncertainty anything Period 4 CP3
5 senses Food Period 4 CP3
Realm Of The Demon Lord Gaining allies and eventually taking over this world. Period 4 CP3
sportsaroundtheworldblog Sports Period 4 CP3
How I See My blog is about my thoughts about politics, science, and life itself. Period 4 CP3
Extremely Dull Blog Things I find interesting Period 4 CP3
TheTiredBlog everything and anything Period 4 CP3
oflore Game Lore Period 4 CP3
music897 music Period 4 CP3
A Foreign Universe My current interests Period 4 CP3
standhumble my blog will about random stuff happening in my life and a few good life lessons Period 4 CP3
staystrong250 Tell people about our experiences and how we stayed strong. Period 4 CP3
shebelievestoo Positivity, Happiness, Good vibes 🙂 Period 4 CP3

From A to Z                        Everything               Period 4 CP3

lone courier                           Anything and Everything         Period 3 CP3

A Movie A Day                    Movies                               Period 4 CP3

What’s Really On My Mind   Thoughts          Period 4 CP3

2014-2015 10th grade writers and artists from California

1st Period


Name of Blog URL of blog What is the primary focus of your blog? What is your first name?
The Great Nord What I want to talk about Kaleb
Bast Blog To express myself in a unique way Ian
I AM… Myself and my opinions Justin
I AM… Myself and my opinions Justin
Why do we dream? Thoughts and Ideas Frederick
Why do we dream? Thoughts and Ideas Frederick
Why reading is amazing Reading Raadhiyah
Through Our Eyes mostly my opinion on things which I go through sometimes Anita
Savannah my life Savannah
Combing Through Life My thoughts on today’s world Lawrence
Athletes Insite I want to show you what goes on inside an athlete’s head during, after, and before a game. What gets me motivated and disappointed about being involved in the lifestyle i have chosen. Sarah
Our Blog Very loosely based on culture Kyle
emaiiii There is no focus. I blog about whatever is on my mind. “another state of mai’nd” erik
emaiiii anything on my mind erik
Life of Josh Life lessons Josh
Just Being Me It’s just about what I think about on things Kayla
“NOT ALL THOSE WHO WANDER ARE LOST”. -J.R.R. TOLKIEN My blog is open to any topic that I want to write about. The name of my blog is one of my favorite quotes. Melissa
Kesi’s Blog Personal opinions/interests Kesi
Through My Eyes The view of the world from my eyes erin
julianology1998 me julian
Godsman1714 the fight on isis Mitchell
Friends and Familys About friends and family Cindy
Life, Laziness, and Lessons To reflect on and talk about experiences in my life and ideas that come to my head Brandon
Savannah anything Savannah
Farting in class Talking about our insecurities Shawn
Champion Dont quit, Suffering now and live the rest of your life as CHAMPION Mo


guitarspace learning the guitar tyler
The Average Adolescence post good posts so i can get an A Aria
My life be like Life as I see it Grace
this is me Really anything that comes to my mind that I like and think of. lauren
poiurewq an english project richard
Just Going with the flow My Life hieu


Leglantier writing about things that im curios about or things that i care about. Klaui

2nd Period


Title of Blog Url of Blog Topic of Blog Blogger
You Cannot See Smell Questions, Books, Animals, TV/Movies Caitlyn
16ouncesofcoffe cafes, food Chaelin
Extremely Dull Blog Topics relating to the internet in general. Aaron
The Urbain Wallflower There isn’t a primary focus, my blog will be about a little bit everything. Thyana
heck with them! my opinions and interests Sarah
Not Really Punk Rock There is none. It’s just whatever comes to my mind. Megan
SeaRhinoceros Narrative William
Born Random My everyday life, anime, kpop, and posts from my little sister Destiny
The Shadows of the Day Books, Comics, Movies, Music, Philosophy, and our thoughts on random stuff Dennis
Amaze of Aysia fashion Aysia
playthemannotthegame share my opinions Mitchell
IMPERFECTION MORE LIKE I’M PERFRCTION Life and random things that I want to talk about Gracy
theaverageadolescence day to day life Summer
I will fear no evil for you are with me I primarily focus on life and the lessons I learn each week. Adrienne
All About My Randomness my random thoughts Ivy
A Cluster of Ideas just sharing our thoughts to the world Victoria
rockinandrollin My life and experiences Sophia
helloitiskaitlyn Anything I deem important to discuss that week Kaitlyn
solekikz shoes, skate, random stuff Joseph
The Struggle is Real To show people how to accept and use their struggles Brandon
A Cluster of Ideas Rants/Reviews/Opinions Vivian
Victoria’s Life To express my personal thoughts and feelings towards different topics. Victoria
Living Within The Fluff random, my blog does not have a certain focus yet Michelle
toomuchlipgloss beauty Kylee
The Thirst for Appreciation Being Appreciated Vivian
Iamuniquejustlikeeverybodyelse Writing stories Serena
Iamuniquejustlikeeverybodyelse Writing stories Serena
Everything 80’s and Punk Rock Express my feelings about the things I love and educate people about the subjects Amber
The Shadows Of The Day Reviews, but it can be anything. Alan
Life dangit Eric
Life dangit Eric
A Cheap Trick and a Cheesy One Liner movies, books, and basketball Andie
Minds 101 The Mind and what we think dustin
lazymelons ideas and creativity Kimberly
sassy pants i dont have a primary focus Bridey
Shredded cheese Life Heaven
Shredded cheese Life Heaven
Babbling Brooks Whatever I feel like focusing on that day Emily
Babbling Brooks Whatever I feel like focusing on that day Emily
Seven Cups of Tea Cooking/Reviews Tea

3rd Period


Blog Title Blog Link Blog Subject Name
Lighting the Way to Happiness Achieving happiness Donna
The Bright Side of Life To focus on the greater good in my life. Evan Gonzales
sdrawkcab backwards To focus on the aspects of life, how to make it better, aspects of life, and taking things literally. (spelling backwards backwards) Brian
The Corner Perspective perspectives Joshua
Appetite for Candlelight Point of View Albert
Remnant of Magic Magic, Books, OCs, Odd things Eliza
thespidermancyclist To expose my goals to society and help others and share my life basically Ronak
a busy mind lifetsyle Michelle
Murp Alphabetical adjective animal quotes Kelsee
Toeses Are Roses Toeses Are Roses’s main focus is to express my outlook on life and help me find myself through writing. With that, also to some how help someone else who may be sharing the same thoughts as myself. Cathy
babyloniascaptivity It is to be informative and to share news/ other topics that I find interesting to the world. Daniel
The Typical Parable A lighthearted blog about my opinion on certain topics or current events. Jeffrey
whatiseeiswhatiknow Interesting tid-bits in my life seen by me Ericka
If you are bored read this just random stuff that interests me from each week Joseph
The World Behind The Sun Books, life, and More books. Arwa
Wild Souls Nothing really.. Just a place for me to place my opinions. ((This may change in the future.) Caitlin
+1 Point in Life = Infinity Life Trinh
sdrawkcab backwards Favorite books/emotions/favorite quotes Elaine
TheLifeofanUglyDuckling Point of View Steve Huy
Panapo to express my opinions Mary
Desire to catch fire Anything and Everything Chris
a busy mind lifestyle Michelle
docileshe Individualism. I want people who read my blog to ponder self improvement or enlightenment. Kylie
Religious Values religion joshua
I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good To express my ideas and give others a perspective of life and the actual feelings of being a teenage girl. Sophie
Imagine, Believe, and Dream On Imagining, Believing, and Dreaming Jasmine
Shadows of the Day Comics, TV, Drawings, and other random things Martin
The Life of a Shy Person What I do and think about the life I’m in Derek
Spacemandy my interests and what I do throughout the weeks Amanda
The Spice of Life life? Timothy
stopyourstoryisntoveryet random tumblr stuff, cool pictures, book quotes, idk… Joanna
Everyday Wanderlusting travel Britney
Tribal Warrior Poets Anything Amogha
fishdude23 Ideas of interst Michael
What Lies Near the Heart Games and Manga, along with other stuff I find fascinating. Angie
Panapo to express my opinions about anything mary
A Look Into My Life my thoughts Delaney

4th Period


Blog Name Blog Url What is the blog about Name
TuckFran Photography Tucker
willtib life Will
A Peanut Sat on a Railroad Track… I dont know I was just winging it. Jacelyn
notaboutpotatoes football and potatoes Adam
meowmeowme about me Angela
Giselle whatever comes to mind Giselle
Technology Advances in technology Ali
hatespaghetti talk about life and such Jason
foooooddddlovveerrr food Eric
Some Words to Live By Some advice type stuff. Carson
Guilty Pleasures of Gluttony Food Soleil
mywonderfullyhorriblelife my life/thoughts/interests julie
kitlen I don’t know yet Katie
Marsass Who knows. Marci
Life Through My Lens Mainly picture blog/diary/reflection Amy
alex nguyens blog all about me Alex
ZRL’s World Current, controversial, dividing issues which can be understood through reflection of past sources. Zach
foodisaneed anything that comes to my mind while i am in english class Kenny
Heart and Soul food and my views on life and certain points and things Lauren
Last Day Every Day me Chris
Current Events. Crazy Technology. Fun Facts! Interesting everything in everyday life! Aaron
dankg about whatever comes to mind Danek
makeupmaddnessmondays makeup kendalynn
thoughts nd feelz my feels tamnhi
Society and Technology Society and Technology Shawnt
americanbuilt97 Anything that makes me think Chad
Reality My attempts to talk about how the world is unjust Anh
pegasus5ever blogging thoughts in class NIcole
The Tale of a Lunatic Randomness Josef
My Blogs Random thoughts Timothy
Riley Things going on in my life Riley
sweetndeep feminism/girl empowerment Gina
smellycat self improvement Nicholas
catsss basically my thoughts marlie
Fate of Emily Ann Life (: Emily
The ranting man Just picking a subject and ranting on it Wyatt

5th Period


Blog Title Blog Url Blog Subject Blogger
The World At My Feet Soccer; the struggles of a high school student Khoa
A Moment of Clarity To share our thoughts and opinions Katherine (Katie)
Enjoy Every Sweet Moment My thoughts Lena
A Moment of Clarity Sharing my thoughts, ideas, and opinions on different subjects Chau
SoPleaseRunAway surfing, ocean, other related interests Riley Anime, Vanguard, Yu-gi-oh, Buddyfight, food, holidays, Tournaments, cosplay Quang
Capture the moment Photography Mariam
Capture the moment Photography Mariam
The Little Things in Life life, our perspective of it, and other random things that happen along the way during our journey through life Johnny
megsandmonkeys to make people smile 🙂 usually with funny gifs of pictures of monkeys Megan
Walking On The Moon Anything that is awesome and “outside of the box” Aileen
Impuriume3tv I don’t really think I have one Thalia
Allons-y and be Faaaaantaaaaastic www. Anything that is going on, or the next chapter of a series I am writing for fun Brandon
playthemannotthegame Opinions on personal interests Anhkhoa
Just Go With the Flow❀~ Struggles in everyday life. Jessica
Kathlynn On The Weekly Life Lessons/Advice Kathlynn
Yours Truly Document moments of learning, reflection, and realization Michelle
Tribal Warrior Poets No specific focus Tejas
Those who wander Entertainment: books, movies, video games, etc. Johnson
Back To The Bench soccer Calvin
Yours Truly The primary focus of my blog is to discuss about anything that interests me and that I think the world has to know about. Joanna
be who you want to be not who others want you to be random things, anything really Leanne
Anything and Everything What goes on in my brain Brianna
A Little Under 5 People and their interests Katherine
Love + Passion = Broken Hearts or Happiness? Love, Holding Back, and Let Go Nguyen
threepointshots basketball and school brian
gameinthelife games and opinions Andrew`
Ally’s wonderland Everything and anything 🙂 Ally
Im Not a Xue Life lessons and just the interesting aspects and struggles of it Joanna
A Cluster of Ideas Books, issues that stand out for me, and tv shows. Ashley
Explore the World Discovering the wide world Mark
Inspire Your Face Any Interesting Things Justin
Beauty of a Being All things I find beautiful Elaine
Living is Easy With Eyes Closed Song interpretation (lyrics, historical significance, literary allusions, etc.) Katrina
Living is Easy With Eyes Closed Song interpretation (lyrics, historical significance, literary allusions, etc.) Katrina
allstrengthnoweakness my thoughts, ideas, and interests Miranda
allstrengthnoweakness my thoughts, ideas, and interests Miranda
maginagi telling stories Gina
MyGradeDependsOnThis Anything I like. Musaab
Trangerines Blog about how I feel or my opinions. Tran
Three Point Shots Basketball Brian

2013-2014 10th grade writers and artists from Southern California

What is the name of your blog? What is your blog about? What is the URL of your blog? What is your first name?
feeding the belly beast food, recipes jennifer
That Geeky Side Video games, art, and maybe tv shows to broaden my topics Aatena
Michelle’s Many Thoughts Whatever’s on my mind. Michelle
Create to Inspire Inspiring the world through all forms of art (& philosophy) Sara
The Fore Horesmen Golf, Politics, Current Events, Inspiration Ryan
Life Is What Happens. Life Kayla
Ride with our Lenses Dailylife Giao
A Bridge to Cross Over Overcoming life obstacles David
Above The Status Quo The highschooler’s mind of the world’ problems, his hobbies, what he thinks. Yasir
Above the Status Quo uncommon topics Tyler
Wandering Conscience A question or thought that I would like to share. Tai
Living the Sports Life Sports Michael
In My Dream Life wherever my thoughts take me Tara
Viral News 4 You Viral news and events William (Bill)
viralnews4you world wide viral news Christopher
Viral News 4 You Viral News of all topics throughout the world Naomi
Delve into Disney Everything Disney 🙂 Anthony
Think Different-Be Different To Reveal and Discuss Various Topics Daniel
Everyone deserves a happy ending A story about two individuals with interesting pasts. (Each post continues the story) Bree
A Lost Flamingo My thoughts and adventures in our world. Nicole
Livng Today, Forgeting Tomorrow Basically anything and some lessons we’ve learnd Alexa
Living Today Forgetting Tomorrow Our lives, thoughts, and things we learn Heather
these six letters. generally a writing blog (resources, drabbles, etc.) that will center on my thoughts, opinions, etc. Gina.
Oh Mah Gah This World It’s about cool things in the world. Brandon
Confessions of a K-pop Fangirl My likes and dislikes of Korean entertainment. Nicole
Run in our Shoes our blog describes life experiences as runners. It contains our adventures, thoughts, and pictures. Laura
viralnews4you our blog is about viral events that occur around the world Danny
A Million Ways to Shine My blog is about finding light and positvity in the world and yourself. Katrya
Once Upon a Sweet Tooth The blog features posts about desserts and sweets. Tiffany
Life Full of Games Games, life, and Mark
Mythology and Society It is about society in Mythology James
An Adolescent Story Thoughts on life, and chapters of my story. Ryan
Run In Our Shoes my personal thoughts, life/running experiences Michelle
almost daily thoughts my thoughts, things i find interesting Stephanie
Teenage Dirtbag using song lyrics to express opinions on life/everyday experiences Lucy
Geeky Girls VS The World anime, cosplay, manga, videogames Kyla
optimism is everywhere being optimistic and having a positive mindset Mikaila
Delve Into Disney lots of disney-related posts Kathleen
Two MT Stomachs Food Mahum
the ugly ducklinh My blog is about basically anything that affects my day that inspires me the write more about or what i want to express. Linh
Everyday Predicaments Common problems and problems in the world Lillian
Oh How… UNcharming My analyzing and ranting about social patterns that I think are wrong; may include my own media and ner culture stuff. Jason
Arts Of Me Various opinions, thoughts, and arts that I create or review Catherine
two MT stomachs anything food related Melanie
superficialprattle things that are intresting me and my thoughts about various things. Hillary
Notes of Harmony The interpretation of music. Timothy
Running through Life My experiences in running, as well as my thoughts about things I find interesting/relevant. Noah
5Fingers2theFace Teenage life through the days of the week Sebastian
Inventions of the Future New technology that could change the world. Neil
Mind Over Matter positivity, motivation, thoughts Chelsea
Musicisinsp Music that I enjoy and inspires me Joshua
Life Is What Happens Anything: DIYs, Inspirations, Optimism Allisia
The Book Mark My thoughts on books Adrianna
Journey Expiernce as a Christian Antony
What Crosses My Mind About random stuff Ceslee
The Teenage Overdose The addictions of teenagers’ lives that define who we are James
Above the Status quo (may change) life, highschool perspectives, anything that comes to mind, how we see life, problems Victor
Sports With Sticks It is about baseball and golf. Darren
Sports With Sticks It is about baseball and golf. Darren
Sports With Sticks It is about baseball and golf. Darren
5Fingers2theFace My life described throughout the days of the week. Angie
Sports With Sticks Baseball and golf Chris
Dudeology Study of dudes, what they do on a daily basis, how dudes act in certain cituations, etc. Kyle
Above the Status Quo (may change) Anything we find interesting that either has some educational value or makes people think (sort of) Bryan
Sports With Sticks Baseball and golf Chris
dudeology dudes and bros Connor
I Got a WAYS to go I wanted to make my blog entries about things/problems teenagers go through, especially related to girls. Basically, anything I want to write about Stephanie
Mosaic of Introspection Mosaic of Introspection is a collection of interesting things Miriam and I encounter in our daily lives. Michelle (5) Nguyen
All You Need is Nature & a Hot Glue Gun Fairy Houses Ariana
The Fore Horsemen golf related Jesse
The Gas Guzzler An auto blog Sahil
Let Me Clairefy my thoughts, cat, and fandoms Claire
Vandom Thoughts Things I learned in class + Vandom stuffs Van
Diving Into the Depths Thoughts/experiences divingintothedepths Mimi
HeroBasketball It is about basketball tips and tricks. Kareem
Unfolding The Plot Movies, TV Shows, Music Isabelle
Life of Legends League of Legends, Life, and Band Michael
Take what you need The things people need to be happy Aileen
Encourage, Uplift, and Inspire Encouraging and Positive Thoughts Kayleen
I Won’t Be Tamed My thoughts Carson
Pawse and Play Movies Vivian
I Got a Ways to go I wanted to make my blog entries about probelms or situations teenagers go through, espically girls. Basically, my blog is anything I feel like writing about that day. Stephanie
Dear World And Truly Yours My thoughts and perspectives Chris
Free Facelift To put a smile on people’s face and uplift their day Kimberly
Kami’s Den Video Gaming Michelle
purspektiv life from another point of view Jean
He Wanted the Ball Sports, Brother, World Corey
rosedwater my art Isabel
Traveling in a World of Creation Short films Dorothy
flying past the stars on silver wings My blog is bascially about my thoughts, opinions, and views about the world. I will specialize in the many “fandoms” that I am apart of. Lauren
Stayfitbeactive The benefits of eating and being healthy and various exercises you can do to remain active. I will also talk about different foods that serve as beneficial fuel for your body and the rewards of eating organic and non GMO Natalie
THIS&THAT Anything and Everything Zainab
JustMyLovelyThoughts My blog is about life, occasional fandoms, and the events that happen in my life. Ashley
herobasketball It is about basketball Omar
The Most Important Organ Phenomena of the Brain Mark
Between the Cake Layers My blog is about baking Kristie Hoang
ExploreTheTubers Youtube Channels Andrew
Weirdly Wonderful Inspiring others Rachelle
Just a few Thing-a-majigs It is just about interesting knick- knacks that I find out about or decide to write about Leah
Unique Infinities This blog is dedicated to citing problems everyone may have in life, introduce readers to new fandoms and ways in life, and purely to brighten up their day. We are focused on the daily pleasures, troubles, fandoms, and whatever the posters deem interesting. Victoria
thebiodome Our blog is about anything science related that we find interesting, important, and mysterious. Jeremy
Lives of a Legion League of Legends, Band, Personal Experiences Kevin
Unstrangers My blog is about introducing myself and strangers that I meet to this world Lindsay
Bowl and Bun Artful. Exotic. Ecstatic. This Sister-Sister personality duo goes beyond the status quo. Tori
Via Michelle Things from my perspective, things that cross my mind Michelle
Rolling in the Diep My opinion on various issues of the world Chris
thebiodome This is about Science. Ryan
tea, coffee, & books About the little things people don’t seem to notice about our society. nostalgiaspeaks Kolinna
dreaming with your eyes open dreams: thoughts without logic; also normal thoughts and opinions Michelle
thebiodome Anything related to science. Orlando
Biodome It is about fun facts or random knowledge based on science. Elton
It’s All in a Nutchelle my thoughts Michelle
The Inspired Fire My blog is simply about inspiration for all subjects and areas of life Mackenzie
Mosaic of Introspections Thoughts Miriam
Mosaic of Introspections Thoughts Miriam
Delve into Disney Everything Diney Anthony
Running through Life Life, Running, and other things that I feel that I should write about Noah
too much & then some my thoughts Celine

2013-2014 12th grade writers and artists from Southern California

What is the name of your blog? What is your blog about? What is the url of your blog? What is your first name?
Dogs to Cats Our differing viewpoints on various subjects Sabrina
Eunoia My thoughts Stephen
Cinephilia Media Films, TV, and Life OH MY Austin
At the Edge of this Pier My thoughts on environmental and social ideas somehow incorporating stuff I learn in class Meredith
Twenty2 Chapters Roughing it through an idea for a novel. My thoughts and journey. Benjamin
It’s the Radio Head I use my blog to share new music, bands, and artists that I love with the world. Corinne
Catt is a Phan of… Everything that I like and adore. Catt
The Ink Menagerie Art, writing, and theatre. Maya
Mattflix My blog is about my thoughts on movies and tv shows. I will discuss the diffrent ideas and significances of these types of entertainment. Matt
A Drop of Sugar My blog is about art, food and life Kimberly Kha
The Athletic Intersection Where life meets sports. Daniel
Exiled Places that i recommend, thrifting, things i find interesting or weird…. Christy
dreamcave Exploring my thoughts, the world, and the different types of art that consumes them. Justine
Believe, Conceive, Achieve It is about the science, the technology, and the future. Come and join an epic journey in which I share my thoughts and the innovations of our world. The future is what we look forward to. Theodore (The Dore)
Myth3sMayh3mMem3s The blog will include famous and interesting myths, reactions or information on mayhem, and explinations on memes with my take on them. I will also relate some to school and education(like memes) Patrick P.
A Hard Dose of Reality and a Slice of Fantasy The take on the world from the perspectives of two realists and a dreamer Jayne
Dogs to Cats Occasional Musings on our day to day lives and contrasting viewpoints on a shared subject per week. Chris
Brenda’s Island How I think the world should be and could be. Brenda
What are we doing? My blog is about explaining and giving reasons to things we do in everyday life. Stefania
Delving Into Song To freewrite about music and “delve” into the artistic side of musizc Alan
Smile! Things that make me smile, a place of positivity and happiness, oral hygiene Jolene
A Hard Dose of Reality and a Slice of Fantasy Perspectives on the world from the views of a dreamer and two realists Lindsay
Life as a Fish out of Water blogging about life’s questions that no one seems to ask Lindsey
Singing in the Shower Anything Erica
foodfunandfur All about food with recipes, having fun (or humor) and animals! Alyssa
My Name is Elise My blog is on my opinions on current events and my random thoughts. Elise
Pandemonium Introducing international music, ranging from Christian music to rock music, and from English songs to Asian songs. Stella
Money For Thought My blog is about economics and everything political and socially affecting the economy. Stocks, investment advice and other content concerning the U.S. market will be discussed as well. Kenny
One Step at a Time My blog will consist of everyday memories that remind people to appreciate life, spend time with the poeple we love, and be thankful to take one step towards paradise. Andrea
The World In Song The blog is about our views of the world from a musical perspective. Jonathan
Art tu, Brut? Art, Thoughts, Misc. Brittany
Love, Tyanna Happiness, memories, inspirations Tyanna
If It Fits Your Mind Our blog is about fitness Iifymind.wordpress.con Harrison
I’m Caught Up In A Dream Dreams, Passions, Designing Beverly
Questions, Comments, and Concerns My thoughts and ideas about different subjects Viet-Tien
Questions, Comments, and Concerns My thoughts and ideas about different subjects Viet-Tien
The Lantern of Knowledge It is about anything that might serve as beneficial knowledge or wisdom. Bilal
Foodienaut Exploring food Ashley
echoingencouragements Encouraging others Rebecca
That’s How Eye See It our takes on what happens in our lives Karen
365.242 Smiles My blog is about little things that we read in class or that I see each day that make me smile. Christine
Once Upon a YOUniverse Disney, and everything about it. Tricia
A Hard Dose of Reality and a Slice of Fantasy Perspectives of the world from the views of a dreamer and two realists Jonathan
The Racontographer Storytelling through pictures laced with anecdote Tue
Musings of a Nerdy Girl A nerdy blog about nerdy things Umbreen
Through the Eyes of an Otaku Anime and manga Diana
Movies and a Mic Movies and Music Carlos
Dreams – Seven to Seventeen compolation of our interpretations of our individual thoughts from childhood until now Kathleen
The World In Song Our blog is about relating what we learn in class and relating it to the subject of music. Valerie
Dreams~Seven to Seventeen a compilation of our interpertations of our individual thoughts and experiences since our childhoods until now, at seventeen Tina
If It Fits Your Mind Flexible Dieting and Flexible Learning Minh Thu
Universal Languages Anything that we as a human species can relate to, such as emotions, life experiences, music, etc. Christine
simplywoolgathering my thoughts Pauline
The Wild-Life of Jason Wild-life Jason
Opus 130 Art music Raymond
Random KimMe The blog is all about my views of the world around me. Kimberly
Of My Philosophies and Musings Phiolosophy and Psychology Johnny
Mi, Mi-self, and I Me, myself, and I Mimi
that’s how EYE see it My blog centers around how I percieve the world and my own thoughts and beliefs. Vananh
Searching… Just thoughts that come to my mind Hoang
Torchlight Politics, History, and Culture Casey
Undoubtedly Indubitable In my blog I will write about different aspects of my life (like baking and health) or anything else I find strikes or inspires me. The central focus is trying new things you wouldn’t normally see yourself doing; getting out of your comfort zone, essentially. Amina
Dreams – Seven To Seventeen A compilation of our various thoughts and ideas from our childhood and present. Kevin
Innovations of Today Technology and Innovations Bill
Internet Princess The coolest person ever (me) Millie
If It Fits Your Mind Fitness Andy
Have You Found Your GAL? Gaming, art, life. Cong-Ly
Pandemonium Introducing international music Stella
Music: The Universal Language music of all genres Emmanuel
The MIssing Socks My reflections. Rachel
Finding the Silver Linings Art, Literature, Culture, my Reflections Amber


  1. Admiring the hard work you put into your blog
    and in depth information you present. It’s good to come across a
    blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed material.

    Fantastic read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds
    to my Google account.

  2. I’ve had a great time being a part of the WordPress community. Thank you so much for creating this “assignment” for us and introducing us to the real world.

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