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What’s in your EDU Go Bag?

Twenty years in the classroom. Twenty years of making lesson plans, hoarding articles, videos, books, and ideas. This summer I started going through my cabinets and files and making the hard but necessary decisions to throw things away. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff I threw away.

Me in a dumpster


Last night I was looking at my Google Drive and my computer document folder and decided to do the same thing. Purge. That got me thinking about traveling light as a teacher. I remember seeing Henry Rollins live once at Long Beach State and he said he could fit all of his belongings in one backpack. That’s rad. There’s a name for a similar concept, it’s called a bug-out or Go Bag. A Go bag is a bag that keeps your most important essentials that you need for survival.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 7.28.06 PM

Photo from Flickr by Nat Wagstaff


I need an EDUgobag. You need an EDUgobag. If you were limited to your most essential books, DVDs, articles, lesson plans, poems, activities, what would you put in your Go Bag? The “rules” of the EDU Go Bag are as follows.


You need to decide on what type of backpack you are going to use to carry or share your Go Bag essentials. Do you want to use Google Drive, Evernote, a blog post, a ThingLink picture or even a Pinboard hashtag?

Bug Out Bag

My current school bag. Love it. 


You are limited to twenty-five items or less. If you want to get crazy you can live by the Ten Essentials motto.


Once you are done making your Go Bag share your creation with others. You can use the following tags (or modify as needed)







or just use the generic


and we will discover if your Go Bag is specific or not.

My goal is to create my #EDUgobag by the end of September, then I’ll share it with you. I’m looking forward to seeing yours. Find your essentials, and share.


*featured image by Jason Priem



  1. Firstly, of course you have a Dakine bag. Of course you do.
    Secondly, thank you for this challenge. My WordPress bag has grown overstuffed and needs its own purging. Once again, excellent idea.

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