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Why We Need More Potlucks and Fewer Cafeterias

Hi everyone. One of my goals this summer is to experiment with video, YouTube channels and podcasting. This week’s blog post is in four formats:

  • A Google On Air recording/vlog that I published on YouTube and embedded here
  • An mp3 of that vlog which I hosted on Soundcloud
  • A podcast of that mp3 hosted on Podmatic
  • An embedded slide share without the audio.

Two warnings.

One: I did not edit the podcast in Garage Band, nor did I drop any bumper music. I’m going to try that for the next episode.

Two: before I get to the MEAT of my episode you will learn how to make my favorite crostini recipe.


Google On Air vlog hosted on YouTube:

SoundCloud embed:


Podmatic Podcast embed: (haven’t figured out the embed for this yet, but here’s the link)

David’s first attempt at using Podmatic for a podcast


SlideShare embed:

If you want the recipes to some of my signature dishes, just click on the links below. 
Endless Summer Crostini
Holiday “no-bake” cheesecake (it’s amazing)
Mock Tuna Sandwiches
So Cal Salsa: Pineapple 

I’ll include more later

Crostini BOOM


  1. What a fantastic post, David!

    You got me to think about many things:
    Our role as educators, confidants, advocates, and the way we make our students feel loved and valued. Just the fact that you shared your favorite recipe says a lot about you.
    I’m glad to find out that you and I share many interests! Thanks for sharing your vlog!

    PS: You don’t need to edit this or add any music to your post (unless you want to experiment & introduce your podcast “officially”. Thought the announcement for the cafeteria happened perfectly 🙂

  2. Okay, I am super excited about this post for a couple reasons.
    Reason #1: I have a new recipe to try, with a deliciousness guarantee, because you only eat good food!
    Reason #2: I will never sit and listen to a Theriault presentation as a student ever again, and the vlog helps me keep denying that terrible reality.
    Reason #3: Arguably the most important, I really like this post because the content and message is great. The potluck analogy is perfect for it.
    Reason #4: I might have uttered a little squeal of excitement when I saw my blog as a slide on the vlog. Okay, actually I squealed a lot, then had the sudden urge to run down the stairs as fast as I could to go tell my dad that we were in it! 🙂
    There are more reasons, but I think I will stop at five, so I’m not rambling.

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