How To Find Legal Images To Use In Your Art aka Record Cover Shopping

I never reblog between sites, but I just wanted to reblog once so I could remind people that I have another blog where my posts are shorter and more specific. You can find my other site at ideaFM.org


When I was a teen I loved looking through record bins. I still do.

record store 2

Yesterday’s albums were big, so the record cover made a big impact..Today we are going to create album cover art for your blog post ideas. The artwork should be:

Joy Division Images

Iconic cover image from Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album

Album covers serve as a quick thematic statement. You should get a sense of your future experience (in listening to the album) from what you see on the cover. The images that you use in your writing should do the same. They should address important points, ideas, or themes.  Your audience can infer your writing style  from the art you select.

Problem: Far too often I see students using images that are trite, cliche, overused, most likely from the first page of a Google image search. They are images that I see again and again online so they…

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  1. Very informative post! My students struggle with image selection, and I’m always looking for additional resources. The lesson you shared is great, and I can’t wait to see how my students respond. Thank you!

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